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Posted by on Aug 1, 2018 in Articles, Dating, Love, Our Services, Relationships, Sex, Testimonials | 0 comments

Disabled Boy And His Amazing Night With An Escort

Disabled Boy And His Amazing Night With An Escort

The boy quickly undressed and started to help the escort undress. He put his hands in between her breasts, got hold of the left breast and started caressing it while sucking the other’s nipple. The escort admired his eight-inch erect manhood which was right in front of her eyes and started cuddling it. The boy felt so nice and urged her to continue. The escort got hold of the boy’s hand, folded all his fingers except the middle finger and inserted it into her pussy. The boy started making in-and-out thrusts using his finger causing the lady to moan with pleasure. She then removed his finger, sucked it and then gave him a deep kiss.

By now all the boy wanted was to slide his piece of meat into her pussy. The escort suggested they start having sex on a missionary style since one of the boy’s leg was amputated from the knee, thus limiting the sex positions he could indulge during the escapade. What the boy lacked in flexibility was compensated by his thoroughness once in between her thighs. At first, he made short jabs up to the length of his penis’ ring in quick succession, and the lady was screaming demanding more and more. He ensured to keep the cat and mouse chases by deliberately refusing to heed the lady’s calls to penetrate her deeper until when the right time would come. He had to build his ejaculation. He alternated the fast jabs with slow deep penetrations and losing his shaft inside her warm cunt.

His breath intensified as he started to thrust her faster and soon he was shouting, “I am coming.” The lady intertwined her legs with his thighs, held him tighter and they were both ready to climax. His dick hardened, and the escort tightened the grip on him, and finally, the two moaned in a chorus. The lady refused to let him come out and insisted on having his now soft dick remain in her. He enjoyed feeling her contractions hold and release his him at will and soon started feeling a gush of blood fill up his dick.

The escort did not rush him and patiently waited for him to achieve a full erection. The boy then started to make deep thrusts in slow motion admiring his manhood as he thrust her. He knew he would last her longer than the first time and they would both enjoy each other’s company in bed.

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